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Dept of Water Resources
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Posted on August 1, 2018



The State of California Department of Water Resources (DWR), is now accepting applications for a spot exam for Hydroelectric Plant Technician I vacancies located at the San Luis Field Division (Merced County). 

Final Filing Date: August 6, 2018

Written Examination Date: September 22, 2018


SALARY RANGE A $5730-7234

SALARY RANGE B $6950-8796



Applicants must meet the following minimum qualifications for this examination by the written test date.



Completion of an approved two-year (60 semester or equivalent quarter units) technical curriculum in electrical, electronic, mechanical, or computer-science technology at the community college level, or equivalent.  (Electrical, electronic, mechanical, or computer-science work experience in an electrical utility or equivalent industrial or military facility, may be substituted for the required education on the basis of one year of experience being equivalent to 15 semester units.)


Applicants qualifying under an education requirement MUST provide a copy of their college diploma and/or transcripts (unofficial are acceptable) by the final filing date as proof of completion of the required education. Competitors who fail to provide proof of completion of the required education will be eliminated from the examination.


If you meet the entrance requirements for this classification and for Hydroelectric Plant Technician II scheduled with the same final filing date, you may file for both examinations on a single application.


Applications must be submitted on a STD 678 Form. State of California Applications are available at the following website: or at the local office of the Employment Development Department, and the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) website:


Submit and Examination Application Form STD 678 by mail or in person to: 


MAILING ADDRESS:                                        OR                               SUBMIT IN PERSON:

Department of Water Resources                                                            Department of Water Resources

P.O. Box 942836                                                                                   1416 9th Street, Room 320

Sacramento, CA 94236-0001                                                                  Sacramento, CA 95814


Application forms STD 678, must be postmarked or submitted in person by August 6, 2018.  Applications postmarked or personally delivered after the cut-off date will be held for the next administration.  FAXED OR E-MAILED APPLICATIONS WIL NOT BE ACCEPTED.


To view this exam bulletin for complete details, please visit:


For information regarding this examination, please contact Selection Services at (916) 653-4838.