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Social Worker III

San Joaquin County
Stockton, CA Full time
Posted on January 4, 2018

The San Joaquin County Human Services Agency is seeking qualified applicants who are interested in a wonderful and rewarding career in social work. Current vacancies are within the Adult Protective Services Bureau and Children's Protective Services Bureau. To learn more about the Human Services Agency, please visit the website at

This is the first advanced level in the Social Worker series. Incumbents at this level are expected to have an understanding of social services theory and practice that has been gained through a bachelor's level education combined with substantial work experience. Positions are assigned to Child Protective Services or Adult Protective Services, and incumbents perform social casework, counseling, and related activities with substantial independent judgment and authority. The specific duties and assignments may vary depending upon area of assignment.

The Social Worker III class is distinguished from the Social Worker II in that a Social Worker II performs social casework with less independent judgment and authority than a Social Worker III. This class is also distinguished from the Social Worker IV class in that a Social Worker IV is expected to apply additional experience gained to perform casework and related duties with a greater degree of independent judgment and authority than expected of a Social Worker III.

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